Dogs are very much a part of our lives. They go for runs two or three times a day, take as much room as they want when they sleep on our bed, and get more treats than we do. Sadly, we lost our chocolate lab mix, Nellie, to cancer in 2013, but her legacy was a rescue adoption (All our dogs have been rescues), Jem, a four year old border collie that came to us from Glen Highland Farm South of Utica NY. When we lost Jasmin, our border collie husky mix due to old age at 16, we again went to Gen Highland and found Robby, a five month old border collie puppy and a fitting legacy for Jasmin. The farm does only border collie rescues and has grown to the largest BC only rescue organization in the country. They do wonderful work. We recommend you visit their site,
8010 1-3-21 Lazy Sunday afternoon8020 Ryan and Robby 10-17-20208030 5-16-20 Jem8040 4-16-20 with dogs8050 Glen Highland Farm Foggy Morn28060 GHF Reunion 6-22-18 captioned8070 2019 reunion 8x108080 To my Border Collie8090 Border Collie Saying8100 Border Collie Partner8110 Border Collie Rules8120 Border Collie Knowledge8130 Birthday dogs8140 10-28-19 Jem and Robby8150 10-2819 dogs8160 Robby and Kizzy 3-9-188170 10-9-17 dogs in woods8180 Kizzie and Mom sharing a cone8190 Robby Christmas morning 20158200 Robby at Ellison