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As a young man, my Grandfather, Albert A. Madsen, did his graduate studies at Yale eventually earning a PhD in Theology. While at Yale, he prepared detailed topographical maps of Palestine and the Holy Lands with Yale professor of Biblical Literature, Charles Foster Kent. These maps proved highly popular in many religious institutions. The royalties earned were sufficient to college educate his four children and provide for his retirement; something a minister's salary during the great depression would never cover. In 1936-1937 he traveled to Palestine as well as to places around the Mediterranean Sea. These lantern slides document his travels. Many were hand colored. Some are either his photos or those of his fellow travelers. Others, especially the higher quality images were probably purchased from Kahlil Raab, known as Palestine's first Arab Photographer. He had a store front at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. His works included more than 1200 glass plates. He advertised as "Sites, Scenes, Ceremonies, Costumes, etc. of Palestine and Syria. Identical with Bible History". Some slides in the collection are duplicates, but I've included all where more than one existed. The first number and letter sequence on the slides are mine more or less based on the subject matter. The additional numbers were notated by my grandfather. Perhaps they were some way of organizing them but I don't know for sure.
AA Madsen - circa 1957AA Madsen PhD . Excerpt from a Yale listing, 1916Kent and Madsen MapRaad's shop at Jaffa Gatea001 - 341b Magdalaha002 - 365a Landing Place in Capernauma003 - 234a Fishing in the Lakea004 - 233 Fishermen Mending Netsa005 - 353a Jordan and Sea of Galileea006 - 340 a Landing Place Tiberiasa007 - Synagogue at Capernauma008 - 369a Valley of Pigeons and Horns of Hattina009 - 338d Sun Rise over the Lakea010 - Cana of Galileea011 - 323d Esdraelona012 - 326d Mt. of Gilboaa013 - 330e View from Tabora014 - 330 Mount Tabora015 - Map of Palestinea016 - The Plain of Raphaim